10 Best Imported Snacks For This Festive Season

10 Best Imported Snacks For This Festive Season

It’s that time of year again when we’re all busy planning our holiday parties. We’re decorating, buying presents, and getting ready for family gatherings. There are lots of things to do: buy food and drinks, stock up on wrapping paper and ribbon, and buy the perfect dress for yourself and your family members. And the most important thing is to buy gifts for everyone you care about and plan house parties. 

For some of us, it's a one-night affair; others may hold multiple events including cookie swaps, cocktail parties with friends, movie nights with your favourite Christmas flicks, and big Christmas dinners with all your loved ones! But no matter how you celebrate this holiday season, every party needs one thing: a spread of tasty foods; both sweet and savoury, that everyone can enjoy. Don't worry, Nosh Gourmet Foods has covered it all! Here you'll find tons of snacks for Christmas candies, snack mixes, and other party appetizers - all under one roof and just a click away!

10 Best Exotic Snacks for the Foodie in Your Life

If you're hosting out-of-town guests, giving a gift that shows you care, or just want to surprise your kids with a snack when they get home from school, everyone will love noshing on these treats. Let's take a look at the options.

For Sweet Treats

Snickers bars are the standard 3-sectioned one with nougat and peanuts, but this Snickers miniatures version takes things to a whole new level: it's got the same crunchy outside that's just perfect for biting into and a delicious cream filling to go with your favourite chocolate flavour. You'll get the same great Snickers to taste you, love, with no messy fingers and less guilt about indulging in a few too many.

Next on our list is a Swiss chocolate bar, Toblerone white chocolate, that's just as beautiful as it is delicious. The unique white chocolate has a creamy consistency that melts smoothly in your mouth and makes for a luxurious treat you won't find anywhere else. This bar will be sure to please any chocolate lover who thinks they've tried everything there is to try!

Hershey’s milk chocolates are a delicious treat that deserves to be talked about during the holiday season. They are smooth, and the cocoa and sugar content is just right.

It's hard to find snacks that are both fun and safe for children. But there are a few products out there that do both well. One such product is Haribo's marshmallow and sour skittles. Made of real fruit juice and gelatin, they're both delicious and healthy.

For Savoury

A classic favourite amongst kids and adults alike, Doritos Nacho cheese has a distinct taste and flavour which makes it a must-have snack for any party or occasion.

Takis Fuego, a spicy snack from Mexico is loved by all those who have a taste for hot chilli peppers and lime in wavy potato chips. This spicy snack is perfect for parties and get-togethers with friends and family members.

For Mouth-watering cookies & biscuits

The only thing that could make this holiday season more enjoyable would be these Nutella Biscuits—a crisp yet crumbly biscuit with a creamy heart of Nutella, which will awaken your taste buds with every bite. It’s perfect for dunking in coffee when you want a quick snack or serving it at your party,

These M&M cookies are a showstopper at any party and are loved by kids and adults alike. They're crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside, and so delicious that you won't want to stop eating them!

Double the fun of your parties with Pocky Sticks Double Choco. With two chocolate treats in one, these sticks combine smooth chocolate with crunchy chocolate biscuit sticks.

Wrapping Up

No matter what your favourite holiday is, there’s always a great reason to celebrate, and in India, we love to celebrate festivals from different regions and religions. This holiday season, put your money where your mouth is and buy some international snacks. If you're celebrating this season at home with friends or family, there's no shortage of treats and goodies to choose from when you shop online for imported snacks. We have a lot that you'd love! Check out Nosh Gourmet Foods for a wide selection of delicious snacks from around the world.