Are Mentos Gluten-Free & Why It Matters?

Are Mentos Gluten-Free & Why It Matters?

Mentos chewing gum is gum with a super refreshing taste that gives you fresh breath and a burst of its fruity & minty flavour. Extremely popular amongst young adults for their richness and freshness in taste, these imported chewing gums are sold in grocery stores worldwide. You would be glad to hear that mentos are now available online - check out its different flavours at Nosh Gourmet Foods, which supplies authentic, imported chocolates and international snacks at the lowest price, delivered smoothly to your doorstep.

Know about Mentos

Before you decide if you want to try and where to buy them, let's learn more about this product. Mentos is an international brand of mints made by Perfetti Van Melle. They were first created in 1900 by the Van Melle company in the Netherlands and are now available worldwide. Mentos wasn't originally made to be a gum product; it was even labelled a form of liquorice candy. The little disk of candies is chewy in the centre and hard on the outside. Mentos manufactures a wide range of products like gum and mints with different packaging styles: tubes and small travel-size boxes that help keep you fresh all day long anytime, anywhere!

Gluten Free: Is Mentos chewing gum gluten-free?

Gluten is a protein that's found in some foods, like wheat, barley and rye. It helps bind and add a stretchy quality to the dough. A product without gluten is free of these ingredients.

What does Mentos say?

Brands such as Mentos and Hubba Bubba have gone above and beyond to accommodate low-sugar, gluten-free, and low-calorie diets. This is helpful for those with dietary restrictions or those who control their gluten intake.

Mentos products are entirely gluten-free. Although most chewing gum does not contain any wheat products, all varieties of Mentos are free from gluten. This should come as no surprise since the manufacturing process used to make chewing gum has nothing to do with wheat processing.

However, during our research on mentos being gluten-free or not? We came across contradictory views. In countries like the USA, mentos products are NOT gluten-free, as they use wheat glucose syrup in their manufacturing process. Whereas, this is not apparent in all the other countries. In countries like Australia, the UK, and Canada -  Mentos claims to be gluten-free! every website we found outside of the US advertised Mentos as gluten-free and the glucose syrup was shown to be derived from corn.

Mentos states on its website that the glucose syrup it uses is derived from wheat, but then the company says that the candy is made on shared equipment with wheat.

This shouldn't be a concern since the National Celiac Association says glucose syrup made from wheat is safe for those with celiac disease. This probably varies on an individual's sensitivity level. You may or may not want to avoid this candy if you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance. If you have a wheat allergy, you should avoid eating them and opt for other alternatives.

Are Mentos Gluten-Free in India?

Mento's website in India says the same, one of its ingredients is liquid glucose which they get by using corn and rice as raw materials.

Confused, right?

Whether you should try Mentos chewing gums and its other products can be overwhelming. Our advice is to try it if you have no celiac or gluten intolerance issues, as it is one of the best minty fresh chewing gums that are long-lasting flavourful, and sugar-free!

For those who are gluten intolerant and are fans of Mentos, we recommend its all-gluten-free products. Please check the ingredients listed in the pack to make an informed purchase. You can opt for other alternative brands like Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum or Trident, which are equally good with different flavours and long-lasting freshness. Explore the best flavours of imported chewing gums available online at Nosh Gourmet Foods and find the one that suits you. It can be delivered anywhere in India.