Pocky Sticks - 5 Unique Flavours You Need to Try

Pocky Sticks - 5 Unique Flavours You Need to Try

Pocky Sticks are a classic snack in Japan and have been available since 1966, these sticks are delicious, light biscuit sticks dipped in rich and creamy filling that delivers a fulfilling sweet treat.

But, Did you know what the best thing about Pocky is? It's the fact that there are different flavours, and they're all delightful in their way. Oh, and it's also their addicting crunch! There are plenty of snack options out there, but we've ranked the top 7 flavours that you must try!

Top 7 Flavours Of Pocky Sticks

Japan is famous for its fun, wacky limited edition Pocky flavours. But these are the most popular 7 flavours that are available online or in stores. And the even better news is you can try these delicious Pocky flavours at our Nosh Gourmet Foods!

Pock Sticks - Green Matcha

This Pocky is a nice little snack for those who enjoy matcha. It's sweet, but you can still taste the green tea in the cream coating. If you don't take sweetener in your matcha, this might not be very tasty for you, but as far as a matcha-flavoured dessert goes, it's nice enough.

Pock Sticks - Coconut & Brown Sugar

Coconut and brown sugar, together at last! And in stick form! These Japanese biscuit sticks are sure to lift your spirits at once. They are a perfect treat for your friends and family for any festive occasion or party. The coconut flavour is so soft, creamy, and gentle, that it blends perfectly with the brown sugar. It's a taste that's familiar enough to be instantly loved by people of all ages. 

Pock Sticks - Choco Banana

These chocolate-coated banana Pocky sticks are a divine combination of sweet and crunchy treats. They're light and crispy, pairing perfectly with their coating of smooth banana cream. This flavour is reminiscent of eating a banana split… if a banana split became a delicious, crunchy snack!

Pock Sticks - Cookies & Cream

The Cookies & Cream Pocky are nice and mild when it comes to the world of Pocky flavours. You can see little chocolate cookie crumbs suspended in the milky-like cream coating. The flavour isn't overly sweet, but creamy as promised. The cream coating doesn't have a hard snap like tempered chocolate, but instead a creamy finish that you can quickly sink your teeth into.

Pock Sticks - Strawberry

These chocolate-strawberry Pocky are a hit. Chocolate biscuit sticks are covered in sweet strawberry cream and pieces of naturally dried strawberry, and the tartness from the dried strawberry balances well with the sweet strawberry cream.

Pock Sticks - Chocolate

If you are new to Pocky, the classic chocolate flavour is a great place to start. These slightly salty biscuit sticks are dipped in milk chocolate and are perfect for sharing with friends. They're convenient to carry around and easy to eat!

Pock Sticks - Double Chocolate

When you ask, What is the tastiest Pocky flavour? most people would say, Double Chocolate. There are many fans of chocolate Pocky and Double Chocolate is just a continuation of the chocolate coating we love on classic chocolate Pocky. Double Chocolate Pocky gives you more chocolatey goodness with a combination of smooth chocolate and crispy biscuit sticks. The perfect combination of biscuits and sweet chocolate makes your day full of sweetness. So yeah, it's the best Pocky flavour in the market!

Now that you know about the best flavours of Pocky Sticks, are you still curious to find out more about these amazing Japanese snacks? Read on to discover little details about Pocky

How many pocky sticks are in a box, its basic ingredients and, where to find Pocky in India?

Pocky is commonly sold in packs of ten sticks and boxes containing twenty-five individual packets. Each 37-gram box contains roughly 30 Pocky sticks. 

Pocky sticks ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Blend of Vegetable Oils(Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil), Lactose, Whole Milk Powder, Vegetable Oil Shortening(Palm Oil, Hydrogenated Palm Oil), Beet Red Color, Artificial Flavors, Salt, Yeast, Soy Lecithin, Leavening(Sodium Bicarbonate), Mono- And Diglycerides of Fatty Acids.

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